Need a proofreader, then look no further.


Proofreading means reading through your manuscript, line-by-line, to carefully check for errors in text before it is published or shared. 

This is the very last stage of the editorial process—coming after a copy/line edit and before formatting—where I will:

-catch and correct any grammatical and typographical errors.

-remove repetitious words, lines, and other text. 

Turnaround time will vary anywhere from 3 days – 3 weeks depending on the size of your manuscript and my current bookings. This will be discussed and agreed upon before booking. 

A $25 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking and will be deducted from your total. The remaining balance is due before I send your completed manuscript back to you.

*Payment plans are accepted. If one is needed, please specify this in your inquiry and we will work out the best payment option for you.                 

**Note: Work will not begin until 50% of the payment plan balance has been paid.


5k – 20k words is a flat rate of $40 

Anything above 20k words will be $.0022/per word (ex: 54,782 words x 0.0022 = $120.52)

*Additional fee for urgent or requested short turnaround time.

**Disclaimer: A proofread does not include fixing or addressing items such as details or actions, fact-checking, flow, consistency in verb tense and anything else that should have been corrected during an edit. If I feel your manuscript has not been through the proper editing process, I will stop my work and contact you immediately. You will then have the option to switch to a copy/line edit with me (if my current schedule allows), be referred to our senior editor, or seek an editor of your choice. Your proofread will need to be rescheduled for a later date, forfeiting the initial $25 deposit.

The person behind the proofing: 

Hi! I’m Crystal Blanton. I’m a fun-loving wife and boy mom who forever remains twenty-eight (ah, the good ‘ole days where less body aches and knowledge collide). I am an indie author as well, so I not only understand the editorial process, I understand the support and relationship needed to help you fully thrive.

I have been proofreading for an array of authors for over four years. While my background leans heavily in the romance and women’s fiction genres, I have worked on a few psychological thrillers and am open to other genres.

If you feel you’re not ready for the proofreading step, make sure to check out our editorial team here.

Additionally, formatting is your final step after proofreading and since we happen to be a one-stop shop we have an amazing formatter on hand. She will polish your manuscript and have it ready for you to press that magical publish button. Contact Leila here to guarantee a spot now before it’s too late. 

Let me help you…

“Crystal’s ability to find even the smallest mistake meant the difference between a good release and a bad one. Highly recommended.” – Author L.S. Pullen

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