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Our Beta reading service is now closed for the holidays. No new clients or bookings until Feb 2022. Wishing you all a wonderful Xmas and New Year see you all in 2022!

Writers Need Beta Readers

Tired of waiting for your friends or reading group to look through your work and provide their thoughts? Frustrated with the feedback from your beta reading team, if you have one? Sick of the standard “it was good” response? Discouraged when your reviews highlight small issues that could have been fixed?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you probably need a professional beta reader.

A beta reader is a person who reads your manuscript in its final draft before it’s sent to an editor. Our beta reading service provides quick and unbiased feedback on your manuscript by reliable professional readers. We currently read and provide feedback on all genres.

Our beta readers will:

1. Read through your manuscript in its entirety through the eyes of a reader, offering feedback on story, pacing, plot, and character. 

2. Check continuity 

3. Return your manuscript in a timely manner.

Our beta readers will NOT provide line or copy editing, or any in-depth professional editing. This is a reading service that will only provide critical feedback in regards to the story.

Kirsten is currently on staff as our primary beta reader. She has over three years’ experience as a professional beta reader for Indie Authors and reads all genres. She’s helped countless authors transform their stories to the next level through timely on point constructive feedback. Her rates are highly competitive and are as follows:

Up to 90,000 words – USD100

For over 90,000 words, please contact us to discuss price.

* Bookings are essential


What some of our clients are saying about our Beta reading service.

“She is hands down, the best beta reader around. Fast, efficient, honest, detailed, and she has an eagle eye for mistakes of all kinds. I have no doubt whatsoever that she took my manuscript to the next level!” – CS

“Quick turnaround time. Love your candid thoughts. I would recommend her to anyone!” – DFS

“I would seriously hire this girl for every book just because her comments are so entertaining! So quick and helpful with her feedback, I’m actually excited to review my manuscript now. Thank you so much!” – LH

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