Indie Author Spotlight L.S. Pullen

Meet our Formatter / Author L.S. Pullen Genre: Contemporary Romance and Historical Romance L.S. Pullen, aka Leila, is a daughter, sister, and proud aunt. Author of Where the Heart Is, Dysfunctional Hearts and Hearts of War. She was born and raised in North London but recently relocated to Peterborough, England. And it’s true what theyContinue reading “Indie Author Spotlight L.S. Pullen”

Indie Author Spotlight Crystal A Blanton

Meet our Proofreader / Author Crystal A Blanton Genre: Contemporary, Sweet NA Romance. However, she is looking forward to branching out into other sub-genres of romance. Crystal A Blanton lives in the Show Me State with her sarcastic, loving husband of fifteen years and two crazy, wild sons. She has a love for reading, writing,Continue reading “Indie Author Spotlight Crystal A Blanton”

Indie Author Spotlight Cassie Sharp

Meet our Editor / Author Cassie Sharp Genre: Suspense and Thriller Author Intro from Cassie Sharp I craft words. Dark ones, mostly.  An author/entrepreneur, I write suspense and thrillers with female-centric characters, and quite often I find that even heroes can be monsters. My twisted imagination allows me to follow serial killers around the country,Continue reading “Indie Author Spotlight Cassie Sharp”

Indie Author Spotlight K.Moore

Meet our Beta Reader / Author K.Moore Genre: Domestic Thriller K. Moore lives on the Sunshine Coast, Australia and can be found often wandering its foreshore and beaches with her Karelian bear dog named Hathor. She’s an avid reader, hiker, and CrossFit enthusiast.  If you manage to locate a decent bottle of gin and aContinue reading “Indie Author Spotlight K.Moore”

Coming Soon, Indie Author Spotlight.

We are excited to be bringing to you Indie Author Spotlight. Being indie authors ourselves we want to do everything we can to help showcase self-published and aspiring authors. If you’re a reader who loves finding new to you authors, be sure to sign up to our blog, you do not want to miss out.Continue reading “Coming Soon, Indie Author Spotlight.”

Activate a Goodreads News Feed Trigger

Three Ways to Activate a Goodreads News Feed Trigger. What is Goodreads? It’s a social network with over 90 million readers where they can search, review, discuss and connect over books. There are good reasons for indie authors to use Goodreads, namely getting your book into the sights of potential readers. Readers can discover andContinue reading “Activate a Goodreads News Feed Trigger”

Four Tips for Better Writing

First drafts can be messy, and that’s okay. When the muse is flowing you need to get all of the crazy down on paper before you lose it. So many times, authors can get bogged down looking for that perfect word or perfect expression and all of sudden lose the momentum of a great idea.Continue reading “Four Tips for Better Writing”