Client Reviews

Testimonials from clients and what they have to say about our Services.

Beta Services-5*

“I highly recommend IABS! Their beta readers are quick and efficient. The feedback provided was honest and thorough. I’ll definitely be using their services again.” – ADM


“After a re-cover reveal, I also required my MS to be formatted again. Turnaround time was fast and professional.” – CS

Beta Services-5*

“She is hands down, the best beta reader around. Fast, efficient, honest, detailed, and she has an eagle eye for mistakes of all kinds. I have no doubt whatsoever that she took my manuscript to the next level!” – CS


“Crystal’s ability to find even the smallest mistake meant the difference between a good release and a bad one. Highly recommended.” – LSP

Beta Services-5*

“Quick turnaround time. Love your candid thoughts. I would recommend her to anyone!” – DFS


“Cassie, has been my editor since I published my debut novel. And I don’t know if I would have done it without her. I am now on my third novel and still going strong. Not only is her critique and knowledge priceless, she also takes the time to really push me in order to get the best out of my manuscript.” – LSP

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