Indie Author Spotlight Featuring Ashley Kay

Genre: Romance
About Ashley Kay

Ashley Kay is a Contemporary Romance author, writing love stories that pack oodles of emotions and bring plenty of heat. Happily ever afters are her favorite brand of literary cocktails no matter how you stir them.

Toting her kindle full of book boyfriends like an extra limb, Ashley hails from Indiana where she lives with her Grizzly Bear husband and three loud children, plus two fur babies of the feline variety. Singing, dancing, reading, and drinking coffee—not necessarily in that order—bring her immense joy and satisfaction in her simple yet blessed life.

As a former School Counselor and lover of Psychology, you can usually find Ashley reading self-help books and raunchy romance—attempting somehow to tie them all together.


We asked Ashley some questions and here are her answers:

Q1: What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?

My debut novel is called Denim Blues, it is part of a Montana Heirs collection, there will be three in total. I was inspired by my husband who is a bow hunter, except I wanted to role reverse it and have the heroine be a bow hunter. Montana is beautiful and we’d love to live there or near it one day.

Q2: What are five words that describe your writing process?

Slow, Methodical, Plotted, Linear and Passionate

Q3: What authors, or books have influenced you?

I love ready Colleen Hoover (of course!) Vi Keeland, and Penelope Ward. They are my one click buys every time no matter what. I love their style of writing and the stories are always intriguing. I’m influenced by books that make me feel a tremendous amount of feelings where I walk around dazed for days.

Q4: What is the first book to make you cry?

Fault in our Stars—I vividly remember crying like a baby. As a kid, I cried reading Tuck Everlasting. I wanted them to be together forever so bad.

Q5: Is writing your full-time career? Or would you like it to be?

I stay at home with my youngest child so while it isn’t exactly a career yet, it will be. I’m incredibly passionate about it and can’t wait to see where it leads to for me and my family.

Q6: What is the best advice you have ever heard?

Don’t compare your writing to someone else’s. Find your voice and own it, claim it, use it.

Q7: What is your favourite genre to read?

Romance, but fantasy or paranormal romance is a close second.

Q8: Do you have any writing quirks?

I like to speak the dialogue out loud, and my kids think I’m strange!

Q9: What are you working on now?

I’m working on book two of Montana Heirs and a short story to share with readers in a newsletter. It will eventually be a full-length novel because I’ve grown close to the characters and need more of their story. 

Q10: What are you currently reading?

The Silent Waters by Brittainy Cherry. Talk about tearjerker! I must like to torture myself when I read. 


Denim Blues: Montana Heirs 1


Some rules are meant to be broken. 

One night in college is all it took to change everything, to destroy my life as I knew it … all at the hands of my twin brother. I walked away from the aftermath, never looking back, regretting nothing.

Seven years later, we’re thrust back together following the tragic death of our father. All the loathing and hatred bubbles back to the surface when an ultimatum is woven into the last will and testament; work alongside him for a year and repair our tarnished relationship, or risk losing our entire inheritance.

Having no other choice, I pack up my life in Manhattan, leave my swanky penthouse and fly to a small town in Montana armed with only my Armani suits and cocky attitude as ammunition.

Reconciling with my brother is the least of my worries when I meet Savannah, ‘Savy’, Martin. The sassy archery trainer is hellbent on turning me into a cowboy despite my obvious aversion to anything outdoorsy. Falling for her country charm and sharp wit should be out of the question considering she’s best friends with my brother, but after one fiery kiss, my tightly wound reservations and edicts disintegrate in a cloud of dust.

But, when the past doesn’t stay in the past, and relationships are tested, will our love for each other be enough?

In this small-town romance, secrets and unbridled passion are unleashed directly into the wild, wild west setting all the rules on fire.


Ashley, thank you, for participating in our indie author featured spotlight.


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