Indie Author Spotlight Featuring Tarrah Anders

GENRE: Contemporary Romance
About Tarrah Anders

 Tarrah Anders is a contemporary romance author who is all about the feels, with the twists of sexy mixed in between. Writing has always been a passion and Tarrah loves to share her words, her characters and the world that they live in with her readers. Tarrah enjoys creating characters that you can be friends with, so get ready to make some new friends.

She is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, but living in beautiful San Diego with her family, spending the summers in the pool and also inside in the A/C!


To get to know the author, Tarrah better, we asked her a quick round of questions, and here are her answers:

Q1: What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it? 

Blurred Lines. 
It’s an idea that my husband had brought up a drunken night while at a book signing. I took part of his idea and then added some elements that were from our relationship. 

Q2: What are five words that describe your writing process?

Scheduled. Musical. Pantser. Chaotic. Detective.

Scheduled because I have certain days that I write. 

Musical because that’s what I’m listening to while writing

Panster because I don’t outline regularly

Chaotic because I skip all over the place in my manuscript. 

Detective is because I dig deep to research certain aspects of my books, like occupations, areas, etc… I place myself there. 

Q3: What authors, or books, have influenced you?

I was originally influenced by Judy Blume. I read every single book she put out when I was younger. My taste in books also grew with Mary Higgins Clark and Stephen King. I thrived off of the worlds that King created, and he quickly became my favorite author. 

Q4: What is the first book to make you cry?

I’m still waiting for that to happen. I try to not read sad books. 

Q5: Is writing your full-time career? Or would you like it to be?

My writing is a part-time gig at the moment. I would love for it to expand into a full-time thing someday. 

Q6: What is the best advice you have ever heard?

Don’t let your friends or family be your editor. 

Q7: What is your favourite genre to read?

I switch between romance and thrillers.

Q8: Do you have any writing quirks?

I like to listen to musical Soundtracks when I write, often leading to breakout dance scenes in the kitchen for a writing break

Q9: What are you working on now?

Right now, I’m working on 4 different manuscripts. I’m working on a flashback romance, a friends to lovers, an enemies to lovers and office romance. 

Q10: What are you currently reading?

Currently, I’m reading book 1 in the Bootleg series by Lucy Score.


Blurred Lines


Pro. I already know that he’s a good guy.

Con. He comes with a crazy ex.

I shouldn’t hold that against him.

Pro. We know of one another’s past.

Pro. He’s an amazing, caring, and thoughtful father. Con. He’s a dad, so I don’t get all of him

I shouldn’t hold that against him, either.

Pro. He’s a really good kisser.

Pro. Built in best friend into relationship

Pro. We can take our friendship into a deeper level.

Con. We could risk eight years of friendship

Pro. He’s seen me at my worst, and he’s seen me at my best. Pro. Awkward parent moment, not possible. Our families already love one another.

Con. If it doesn’t work, what happens to our circle of friends?

Pro. I don’t have to get dressed up for him.

Pro. Shaw already knows how to cheer me up

Pro. We already know one another’s expectations for dating and what we want out of life.

Con. Those expectations are fun to learn. Maybe there are new things that we can learn?


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Thank you, Tarrah, for participating in our Q&A we wish you every ongoing success with your author journey.


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