The Other Side New Release Interview with R.H. Nix.

Firstly congratulations to R.H. Nix on the release of her new Young Fantasy Novel, The Other Side.

R.H. Nix has been a featured author with us before, but for those who are not familiar here is a brief bio…

R.H. Nix is addicted to Starbucks but doesn’t like coffee. She craves the summer but lives in a town that hosts winter for 6 months a year. She is afraid of dogs but has an Airedale Terrier. She thrives on big cities but lives in the country. She is an avid runner but doesn’t really enjoy exercising. This is her first book but there are many more stories she is hoping to tell.


R.H. Nix agreed to answer some questions about her new release and was gracious enough to allow us to share an excerpt.

Q1: What was the inspiration for The Other Side?

A: The first scene just came to me one day, and I knew that was the beginning. Then I had to figure out what was going on and how she got there.

Q2 Were the characters, Maya & Zach, based on anyone you know?

A: Not really but there is always an element of me in the heroines of my stories and, of course, all of the people I meet…so be careful, I may be plotting my next character next time we hang out. 😂

Q3: Where did you get the inspiration behind the cover for The Other Side?

A: I’m really excited about my cover! Kat Savage pulled that image right out of my mind. I wanted to put a little something on the cover so that if you looked at it again after you read it, you would see it in a new light, and we nailed it.

Q4: Young Fantasy is the genre for both The Other Side and your debut novel The Golden One. Can we expect more where those came from or do you have any other genre in mind for your next work in progress?

A: I really enjoy writing young adult – right now that is what I will keep writing. But my next book won’t be fantasy – it’s going to be a bit different and I am very excited about it!

Q5: For those of us excited for your next book, can you give us any clues as to when we can expect it?

A: Well, I haven’t started writing it yet but I am really hoping to release it in December 2021…wish me luck!


Excerpt from The Other Side

(Excerpt approved with written permission by the author for use only on the IABS webpage)

“My mom and I drove past this house the other day, and something caught my eye. I’m not sure what, I can’t really put my finger on it. But something about it just creeps me out.” 

Zach followed my gaze to the slightly unkempt house in front of us. “It definitely has a weird vibe coming off it.” His shoulders quivered as if he had goosebumps.

“You feel it, too?” My shoulders dropped in relief. It was nice to know it wasn’t just me. I raised my arm to show him my matching bumps. “There’s just something not right about it. I could tell even when we drove past in the car.”

“Yeah for sure, which is weird because it has always seemed pretty normal to me. I honestly haven’t really paid close attention to it before.”


The Other Side


It was the adventure she never expected.

Seventeen-year-old Maya’s life has been turned upside down: new city, new home, new school. But when the next-door neighbor, Zach, introduces himself, Maya is suddenly more than fine with her move from Colorado. After all, what could be better than a sweet, blond, super-hot neighbor? 

Things get interesting when they see a mysterious woman through a window in an unkempt neighborhood house. Their imaginations run wild, especially when a report about a missing woman flashes on the nightly news—a woman who looks suspiciously like the one they’ve just seen. 

Determined to find answers they end up on a whirlwind chase, racing against the clock to save themselves and the enigmatic stranger, all while unraveling clues about an unburied treasure. 

If Zach and Maya want to stay alive, they’ve got to keep their newfound secret safe…at least until they make it to the other side.

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To find out more about R.H. Nix and her upcoming projects, click on the links below:

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