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Meet Author A.D.McCammon

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult and YA/New Adult
About A.D. McCammon

Amber McCammon decided to take her passion for writing to the self-publishing world in 2017. She’s since published four contemporary adult romance novels and is currently working on a YA romance series. 

When she isn’t writing, you’ll find her reading, spending money she doesn’t have in Target, or hanging with her hubby and two kiddos. 

Amber lives in Tennessee, where she was born and raised, which means she often gets caught with the south in her mouth. She loves to travel, though, and dreams of being a nomad one day.


We asked Amber a quick round of Q&A’s, and here they are:

Q1: When did you first consider yourself a writer?              

A: Oh, that’s a good and tough question. Pretty sure I didn’t call myself a writer until after my first novel was published. As for when I considered myself a writer, I’m not sure. Writing has always been something I loved, but it was personal. Only for me. “Writers” were people who actually got paid to write and/or shared their words with other people. It’s my belief now that someone who writes is a writer. 

Q2: Is there a lot of work to do before you dive in and start writing your story?               

A: Not really. I usually get a general idea and/or plot of a story then dive right in. Once I’m started there’s usually some more detailed plotting, but I like to get a feel for the characters first. I let them speak to me and lead the way.

Q3: Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips for aspiring authors?      

A: It can be very taxing. Writers are artists. We want people to love our work, but this isn’t always the case. My first piece of advice would be to expect someone to tell you that your writing sucks. Believe me, someone will. They won’t be nice about it either. Look up your favorite authors and read their one-star reviews. (This is something I still do when those nasty comments come rolling in to make myself feel better.) Bad reviews are part of being a writer. No one is exempt from this.           

Also…When I debuted, I knew so little about the publishing process or world. I had no friends in the community. I hadn’t done anything to promote my book or build readers. Because of this, I’ve spent the past three years playing catchup. Build relationships with other authors who can help guide you AND an audience long before publication. 

Q4: How many books have you written? Which is your favourite? 

A: I’m currently working on my seventh novel. Lucky number seven. Picking a favorite would be like picking a favorite child. They are all special to me for different reasons.                 In This Moment was my first book baby. I learned a LOT while writing and publishing that novel.

Crushed, In the Gray, and Selfish for Love are all very personal stories for me. Those pages hold tiny pieces of me. They were very therapeutic to write.

When the Saint Falls, The Bad Girl, and my current WIP (The Princess and the Jester) have been so much fun to write. These are in a new genre for me, pushing me outside of my comfort zone and expanding my skills as a writer.

Q5: Tell us about your first published book? What was the journey like?

A: In This Moment was my debut novel. It’s about a widowed mother of two finding herself and love again. The plot for the story was actually inspired by the fear of losing my husband. I’ve already mentioned a little about my journey with publishing my first book. It was a huge learning experience for me. To make a super long story about my grueling process short, I’ll sum it up with some more advice. Don’t hire an editor simply because they’re cheap. Do some self-editing before you send it to your editor. If you don’t know anything about this process, find someone who does and can help you learn. You should send the cleanest version of your story as possible to your editor.

Q6: Your hero? 

A: I don’t believe it’s a good idea to idolize someone to that extent. We are all flawed humans bound to let people down.

Q7: Would you rather have an endless summer or an endless winter? 

A: WINTER. Hands down, no question. Give me all the hoodies and snowy days. Heat is not my friend.

Q8: Where do you get your inspiration? 

A: Random things spark book ideas for me most of the time. My mind can take a simple comment or interaction and turn it into a story. I’ve also been known to use my own life experiences as inspiration. Each one of my novels has something that relates to me. If you fit together the right pieces of each woman from the In This Moment series, it would tell my story.

Q9: What is the most difficult part about writing for you?

A: Hmm… it depends on what you mean. Plotting can be the most time consuming and editing the most taxing. The part for me that takes a mental toll is after everything is done. Once the story is out in the world, and you’re just waiting for the feedback.

Q10: What is the first book that made you cry?

A: Bright Side by Kim Holden is the first book to ever make me ugly cry. I’m not sure I ever felt that kind of emotion from a book before or after that one. 


Amber agreed to participate in a little flash fiction.

This is the cover of your next book, write the opening paragraph…

“Warm spring air breezes around me, and wisps of hair stick to my tear-stained cheeks. Leaves rustle in the trees towering above me, bright colors swaying at my feet. It’s as if they’re waving hello, welcoming Alice back to Wonderland. Only, I’m not the same girl who once ran and played in these woods. I was carefree and happy back then. Before my heart was tattered from the bitter sting of love and loss.”


Books by A.D.McCammon

In This Moment Series:

In This Moment, #1

“Our lives are made up of moments, and I used to think it was only the big moments that made an impact, but now I know even the smallest of moments can change your life forever.” 

Crushed, In This Moment, #2

“It’s not the moment that defines you, it’s the choices you make in reaction to it.”

In the Gray, In This Moment, #3

“There isn’t always a clean beginning and ending to every story. Instead of something being black or white, it’s a mixture of both, forming a nice shade of gray.”

Selfish for Love, In This Moment, #4

“When it comes to love, even wrong can be right.”

Westbrook Three Series

When the Saint Falls: A High School Bully Romance (Westbrook Three Book 1)

“I’ll be her ruin but she’ll be my demise.”

The Bad Girl: A High School Bully Romance (Westbrook Three Book 2)

“He’s playing with fire, but we’ll both get burned.”

The Princess and the Jester: A High School Bully Romance (Westbrook Three Book 3)
Coming Soon!

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When the Saint Falls and The Bad Girl are both FREE in kindle unlimited.

Amber, thank you so much for being a featured author in our Indie Author Spotlight. We loved getting to know you better. And if like us, you want to find out more about Amber and to keep up to date with her upcoming releases, you can follow her on the links below and visit her website HERE.

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